Internet addiction on the rise

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No. 164 - Bochum, 02.10.2014

Internet addiction on the rise

Addicts often suffer from additional disorders

Depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and ADHS are most common concomitants

Internet addicts often suffer from concomitant disorders, most frequently from depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and ADHS. PD Dr med. Bert te Wildt studies this phenomenon at the Ruhr-Universität’s LWL Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy.

Spectrum of concomitant disorders similar to that in alcohol addicts

The researcher from Bochum has compiled a so-called comorbidity profile of 25 Internet addicts. Each patient presented at least one concomitant disorder. Together with his colleagues, Bert te Wildt examined 25 alcohol addicts for comparison. Their comorbidity profile was quite similar. However, only every other patient in this cohort suffered from a concomitant disorder. “These results highlight the significance of comorbidity for Internet addiction,” says te Wildt. He also points out: “This is not a one-way street, the disorders interact.” In another study, he found evidence that in a number of patients Internet addiction may be traced back to similar personality structures.

Large numbers presumably undetected

According to estimates, 500,000 Germans in the age bracket from 14 to 64 years suffer from Internet addiction, which most commonly takes the shape of online gaming addiction. The studies conducted by Bert te Wildt’s team at the media outpatient clinic in Bochum suggest that many cases remain undetected.

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