Europe, the global power

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No. 96 - Bochum, 26.03.2013

Europe, the global power

New standard work on the influence of the EU in the world

RUB researchers are co-editors of “Global Power Europe“

In exciting times for Europe, the new standard work on the influence of the EU in the world is set to be released. Two researchers at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum are co-editors of the two-volume book project “Global Power Europe”, which brings together top international researchers. They clearly get to the root of the strengths and weaknesses of European policy on more than 600 pages. In initial reviews, renowned academics of the universities of Aberdeen, Salzburg, Tubingen and Yale define the two English-language volumes in their breadth and depth as reference works on the global role of Europe.

Complete survey of EU policy

The books came about in a joint project of the RUB with the European Union Center of the University of Miami (USA) and the Center for Global Studies of the University of Bonn. The co-editors are Jan-Frederik Kremer of the Institute for Development Research and Development Policy, RUB and Center for Global Studies, and Aukje van Loon from the Department of International Policy (Faculty of Social Science at the RUB). Together with Astrid Boening, they have brought together researchers from around the world to examine the extent of the EU’s global influence and determine which methods and theories are useful when pursuing this issue. The result is a unique, complete survey of EU policy in a total of thirty-three theoretical and empirical chapters.

Surprisingly effective and silent in many fields

Numerous case studies illuminate the foreign-policy activities of the EU: this concerns its global influence in specific policy areas - security, climate and energy - and in different regions - Latin America, Asia, North Africa – as well as the interplay with other institutions such as the UN, the International Criminal Court(ICC) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). From A for Arctic to Z for “Zero Tolerance for Violence against Women Campaign”, the volumes raise understanding of the global importance of the EU. It turns out that the EU represents its interests surprisingly effectively and silently in many fields - for example, in its support of the ICC, in its trade policy or on the issues of standards for children’s rights. In other fields, however, it also has significant problems in asserting its own claims (e.g. in development policy or “gender mainstreaming”), in presenting a united front or even formulating mutual preferences – for example in security or energy policy. The authors provide clear and informed answers on the question as to whether, and in what areas, the EU plays a leading role: for example in international trade policy, climate policy, counter-terrorism and neighbourhood policy.

Enormous potential is often not utilised

“Global Power Europe” makes a valuable contribution to answering some of the most pressing issues of today’s international politics: what will the future world order look like, and what will be the role of the EU? Does the EU have the will and the capacity of a global power? The answers clearly show that the Union has huge potential, but is still far from exploiting this in many areas and often lags behind its - partly self-defined - expectations. In a world in which a united presence is becoming increasingly vital when it comes to protecting interests, the authors show where the challenges, but also the prospects for the EU lie.

Presentation at international conferences

The editors are set to present the two volumes and the results in roundtable discussions at the prestigious International Studies Association Annual Convention in April in San Francisco, USA, and at the major “European Studies” conference of the EUSA (European Union Studies Association) in May in Baltimore, USA.

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Editorial journalist

Jens Wylkop
Press Office Ruhr University Bochum

Further information

Jan-Frederik Kremer, Institute of Development Research and Development Policy (IEE), Ruhr-Universität Bochum, and Center for Global Studies (CGS), Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Tel. 0228/73-60281, Mobile: 0160/7847611




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