EMIL goes green

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No. 324 - Bochum, 17.10.2011

EMIL goes green

EU funding for RUB chemist

Putting bulbs on the market that are more environmentally friendly

EMIL goes green – so that, for example, the conventional energy-saving bulb can be entirely free of poisonous mercury in future. Funded by the EU, for four years the chemist Prof. Dr. Anja-Verena Mudring has been researching the potential of new, unusual solvents known as “ionic liquids”– salts that are still liquid even at room temperature and are suitable for the synthesis of inorganic materials. She is the only German researcher to receive one of thirty technology sponsorships in the European Research Council’s (ERC) new funding programme “Proof of Concept”. The goal is to make the research results from her ERC Starting Grant “EMIL – exceptional materials from ionic liquids” marketable.

Pushing ahead more environmentally friendly technologies

The “Proof of Concept” funding links in directly with the ERC Starting Grant. The technologies already developed on the basis of the ionic liquids are now to help further improve photonic components. For her project “BrightEMIL”, Prof. Mudring (Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the RUB) is to receive the maximum grant of € 150,000 for one year. The project is primarily aimed at pushing ahead with environmentally friendly technologies, such as more efficient solar cells and light sources such as LEDs. “No fundamental development of new components is necessary for this, so the improved products could soon reach the market” said Prof. Mudring, speaker for the Research Department IFSC (Interfacial Systems Chemistry).

RESOLV: exploration of solvents

“The ERC funding shows how important the study of solvents and solvent-driven processes is” said Mudring. “This is a key field of research at the Ruhr-Universität.” Numerous RUB researchers have united across subject boundaries to form the network RESOLV (Ruhr explores solvation), which emanated from the Research Department IFSC. With RESOLV, the RUB is in the running for a research cluster in the Excellence Initiative II of the federal and state governments.

Green solvent

In 2007, Prof. Mudring was among the first fellows of the European Union’s ERC Starting Grant. Since then, the EU has funded her research to the tune of around 1 million Euros. “Experiment meets theory” is Prof. Mudring’s motto: as a specialist in inorganic and materials chemistry she investigates structure-property relationships of materials. Her aim in doing so is both to understand basic material properties and to develop new environmentally friendly materials. As “green” solvents, the ionic liquids are currently arousing a great deal of interest.

Editorial journalist

Jens Wylkop
Press Office Ruhr University Bochum

Further information

Prof. Dr. Anja-Verena Mudring, Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the RUB, Tel. +49 234 32 27408




Prof. Mudring

Prof. Dr. Anja-Verena Mudring

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